Acid Shells (Resident Evil Remake)

Image of Acid Shells

Shells for the Grenade Launcher. They are filled with sulfuric acid.

Heavy shells filled with a deadly acidic compound, effective for destroying all manner of living creatures.

These rounds are used with the Grenade Launcher, and are capable of dealing great damage to the more tougher enemies of the game.
CategoryWeaponry (Ammunition)


Game modeOccurrencesSum total
Jill (Very Easy)3-4 [1]18-24 [1]
Jill (Easy)3-4 [1]18-24 [1]
Jill (Normal)1-2 [1]6-12 [1]
Jill (Hard)0-1 [1]0-6 [1]
[1] Exact number can depend on certain game conditions.