Daylight (Resident Evil Outbreak)

This supresses the emergence of the T virus.

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Image of Daylight
The "Daylight" serum that can neutralize a T-Virus infection. Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.

This is created in the Laboratory. Insert the P-Base (Sealed), the V-Poison and the T-Blood into the machine, and it will start the cultivating process. However, when you initially switch on the machine to do this, it gets remotely switched off. You need to go to the Second Hall and restore the power using the computer on the desk. After this, the machine will start automatically producing vials of "Daylight".

The serum itself has a few different uses:
  • When used on either yourself or a partner character, it will completely remove all T-Virus infection from you, essentially resetting your virus gauge to zero.
  • It can be loaded into the Ampule Shooter for the battle against Thanatos-R. All it takes is one hit with the shooter to kill Thanatos-R.
  • Finishing the scenario with one or two "Daylight" samples in your inventory will determine the outcome of the scenario.