Researcher's Diary (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Image of Researcher's Diary
Available within "The Hive" scenario.
CategoryFile (The Hive)



Damn Umbrella... I understand the meed to choose a location few people would investigate, but why the hell choose the sewers! Birkin and that pig of a chief! I am a normal man.

I don't wanna trudge through such filth. Not even for 5 minutes. I won't go to the laboratory until they provide me with a boat.

I finally got a boat. But it doesn't handle so well in narrow channels. Oh well though... it's much better than walking.


  • Image of Laboratory - Hospital B2F

    Laboratory - Hospital B2F

    Researcher's Diary (File) - On the desk in the north west corner. Acquired automatically when you pick up the Researcher's Diary item.
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