Game Resident Evil Outbreak
Category File
Image of Orders
Available within the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.



  1. Battle Plan:
    Emperor's mushroom
  2. Area of Operation:
    Within 4 blocks of Raccoon U.
  3. Time:
    60 minutes, starting 5:35 AM.
  4. Arms:
    Basic armament: C-2 + Extractor
  5. Purpose:
    To gather T's blood (Code name: T-blood) -or- to kill T and retrieve its body.

Supplementary Information:
Biggest priority of the operation is to gather T-blood and erase all of T's traces. If the body is deemed too difficult to recover, destroy it and the general area.


Image of Back Square - University Yard 1

Back Square - University Yard 1

  • On the body of the dead mercenary in the north east area of the square.