Custodian's Diary (Resident Evil Outbreak)

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Available within the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.
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I had such a shitty day today! I accidentally lost the "turn table key" that Rick in admin gave me. I'm sure I look like absolute crap! If management finds out I lost the key, getting fired will be the least of my worries.

There's even a rumor "screw-ups" could even be used as bait for some creepy test "subject" the company is working on.

Thanks god! Roy from security found the key in the bathroom and brought it to the admin. Although I found out about this through my boss who looks like he is about ready to chew me a new one.

Man, I haven't been ripped such a big one since I was a snot-nosed brat in Junior High School.

Sheesh! Like it even fuckin' matters. You can't do anything with the key if you don't know the code in the first place.

Man, when I quit this company I'm gonna use that key and the code and make those elevators my own personal private ride! Even I wouldn't forget a code as easy to remember as the word "Hope".

Yep, my own personal elevator... Kinda like the sound of that!