Hunter Gamma

Game Resident Evil Outbreak
Category Enemy
Image of Hunter Gamma
This variant of the Hunter species is frog-like in appearance, and its attack habits indicate it was probably developed by genetically manipulating amphibians. These creatures in aquatic areas, and they have the ability to attack in water as well as on dry land. Because player characters cannot attack whilst in the water, this is where they become the most vulnerable to attack.


Image of Water Purifying Facility - University B3F

Water Purifying Facility - University B3F

  • 2 Hunter Gammas - Escape from their isolation chambers as you approach the north west platform.

Image of Underground Tunnel - University B3F

Underground Tunnel - University B3F

  • 2 Hunter Gammas - Appear once you have witnessed the cut-scene of them escaping in the Water Purifying Facility. One is on the southern platform, the other is on the northern platform.

Image of Water Tank - University B3F

Water Tank - University B3F

  • 1 Hunter Gamma - Lurking around on the platforms or in the water.