Silencer Handgun (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)

Image of Silencer Handgun
A handgun equipped with a silencer, allowing you to dispatch enemies without alerting nearby creatures to your presence. This weapon is particularly useful in the fight against Pluto.

This weapon uses Handgun Rounds.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)


  • Image of Guest Room 206 - Spencer Rain 2F

    Guest Room 206 - Spencer Rain 2F

    On the chair next to the desk on the east side of the room.
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  • Image of Fongling's Inventory

    Fongling's Inventory

    No notes.
  • Image of Yard - Waste Facility B5

    Yard - Waste Facility B5

    On the floor next to the dead body in the south west corner of the yard. Only appears here if you have not yet acquired this weapon.
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