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Laboratory Maps (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)

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Laboratory 1F

Image of Power Supply RoomImage of BackyardImage of Elevator PassageImage of Store RoomImage of Clean RoomImage of Sterilization EntryImage of Sterilization Room AImage of Sterilization Room BImage of Level 1 PassageImage of L-002 PlantImage of L-003 Laboratory
Image of Laboratory 1F

Laboratory 2F

Image of Level 2 PassageImage of Room 2D-02Image of Room 2D-01Image of Room 2B-01
Image of Laboratory 2F

Laboratory 3F

Image of Level 3 PassageImage of Pod Landing PlaceImage of Store Room
Image of Laboratory 3F

Laboratory B1

Image of Entry CorridorImage of Missile Control Room
Image of Laboratory B1


Image of Missile SiloImage of Store RoomImage of Straight PassageImage of Hallway Maze 1Image of Central WalkwayImage of Hallway Maze 2Image of Exit Walkway
Image of Biosphere