Moth (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Moth
These bothersome insects have grown in size thanks to the T-Virus outbreak in the Antarctic Transport Terminal. Not only do these moths have the ability to poison you with the dust that they shed from their wings, requiring you to seek a Blue Herb as quickly as possible, but they can also lay their larvae on your back. When this happens you need to remove it as soon as possible before it hatches and causes damage. A very irritating method of attack.

It is usually easier to try and avoid these moths, as not only do their constant hovering make them difficult to target, their numbers usually make it a risky battle. If you do take them on, use the M93R or the M-100P, anything more than this is a waste of ammunition.


  • Image of Frozen Corridor - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2

    Frozen Corridor - Antarctic Transport Terminal B2

    3 Moths - Will keep re-spawning here every time you enter the room.
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