M-100P (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of M-100P

A semi-automatic pistol which has a large sized special magazine. This handgun enables precise rapid shooting with little recoil.

A powerful semi-automatic pistol with enlarged custom magazines. Unfortunately there is no additional ammunition available, so make the most of what you have.

These pistols come in a pair, and are useful against a lot of enemies in the game. The wielder of these guns is also able to use them independently of each other, meaning they can target two different enemies at once. An added bonus when dealing with a crowd of zombies.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)


  • Image of Barracks Bunkhouse - Prison 1F

    Barracks Bunkhouse - Prison 1F

    Drop from the Zombie that bursts through the window, only if you examine the shelf next to the window.
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