Nosferatu (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Nosferatu
This tormented creature was once Alexander Ashford, the father of Alfred and Alexia. The twins took it upon themselves to use their father as a test subject of the prototype T-Veronica Virus. Unfortunately the experiment ended in failure, and Alexander lost his mind and his soul.

The battle with Nosferatu is a dangerous one, as he has several methods of attack. Be sure to keep away from him as his multiple arm-like appendages can lash out and knock you off the edge of the Helipad. Also be wary of the purple gas he emits from his body, as if you become exposed to this there's a chance you can become poisoned. It's not just any poison though as a regular Blue Herb cannot cure it. Instead you will have to acquire the special Serum.


  • Image of Helipad - Antarctic Transport Terminal 1F

    Helipad - Antarctic Transport Terminal 1F

    Appears when you attempt to escape down the steps.
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