Tyrant (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

Image of Tyrant
The Tyrant is apparently the same model as the one dropped into Raccoon City, except it was deployed on Rockfort Island without a limiter. It has a small cluster of claws on its right arm which it uses like a club.

The first battle is short, simply keep firing and backing away until he falls down. If you don't take him down before you reach the fire behind you, it's game over.

The second battle is on the Cargo Plane in the hold. You must prepare the conveyor to shoot the metal box towards the Tyrant, thus knocking him out of the plane. However, the Tyrant is strong, and will stop the box before it reaches the end of the plane, so you must weaken him significantly. This is the battle where the B.O.W. Gas Rounds are extremely useful, use all three on the Tyrant, one after the other. Allow a few seconds between firing. Then use your crossbow with the explosive arrows to finish him off. When he starts limping and bleeding, that's the time to use the conveyor.
Code nameT-103


  • Image of Passage - Passage

    Passage - Passage

    Appears here after the self-destruct system has been activated.
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  • Image of Cargo Hold - Transport Plane

    Cargo Hold - Transport Plane

    Appears here once the transport plane has taken off.
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