The End of Derek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)

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The End of Derek Simmons

When Derek C. Simmons was betrayed by Ada Wong following the Raccoon City Incident, it was the first time he had ever felt emotional stress. He felt that if he could not have the real Ada Wong serving him faithfully, then he would create one to do so. He decided he would use the C-Virus, a virus with unlimited potential to change the human body, on its creator, Carla Radames, in order recreate his beloved Ada. No one knows how many lives Derek sacrificed in order to realize that goal. When he succeeded with Carla, he was overcome with joy, but Carla had not completely lost herself in the process, and she hated Derek for what he did to her. Eventually she would see to it that he was injected with a potent strain of the C-Virus, one that would cause his body to mutate painfully into hideous creatures without end. ln the end, he was killed by Ada Wong.