Enhanced C-Virus (Resident Evil 6)

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Enhanced C-Virus

The enhanced C-Virus was created by strengthening the C-Virus with Jake Muller's blood. This enhanced virus was engineered by Carla Radames by taking the elements of Jake's blood that were resistant to viral infection, and using them to re-engineer the C-Virus into a more potent virus. When a host is infected by the normal C-Virus, the host will eventually become encased in a cocoon before emerging as a new creature. With the enhanced version, not only does it strengthen the host, but it removes the need for a chrysalis stage. This host can continue to mutate indefinitely into new forms without compromising its cellular integrity.

The enhanced C-Virus is incredibly difficult to manufacture, and only Carla has the know-how to do it successfully. As such, only a limited amount of the enhanced C-Virus is known to exist.