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Life without Freedom (Resident Evil 6)

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Life without Freedom

Following the Raccoon City Incident, the U.S. government decided to take Sherry Birkin into custody and keep her under observation because of the trace amount of the G-Virus that remained in her blood. Claire Redfield stayed by Sherry's side during the time she had to suffer through daily tests and experiments. While it was Claire who provided emotional support, it was Derek Simmons who became her legal guardian. Claire visited Sherry as often as she could, trying to help Sherry overcome all the trauma she had endured. Sherry idolized Claire, and was determined to be just like her: a strong, capable woman. Derek was not without compassion for the orphaned girl, and he allowed Claire, a civilian, to visit and comfort Sherry, even though the girl's existence was a closely guarded state secret. ln total, Sherry spent 1 I years in the hands of the government. lt wasn't until 2009 that she was given any freedom.

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