Experiment Log (Resident Evil 6)

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Experiment Log

June 27, 2011
Five days have passed since the test subject was administered with the C-Virus. All vital signs are stable. This is not the ideal candidate for such a test, but considering how the previous 322 subjects all died within 24 hours, l'd say this is substantial progress. He was chosen well. The only setback is that the subject lost his right arm during a lab accident, and the C-Virus has shown an inability to regenerate it. Still, the subject shows potential in other areas we had not anticipated, and will make for a powerful bioweapon. That's good considering how pleased he was to be selected for this experiment.

July 2, 2011
The test subject has now been codenamed Ustanak, and in terms of raw strength and intelligence, it far outstrips any J'avo to date. It shows an uncanny ability in creating and choosing the appropriate weapons for apprehending its target. Word has come down from the top that special weapons are being created for Ustanak, ones that will help it compensate for the loss of its right arm.