First Aid Spray (Resident Evil 4)

Completely restores health.

Image of First Aid Spray
A powerful medical spray that can clean and heal wounds quickly and effectively. One of these will completely restore your health.

It's good to stock up on these for Boss fights. Although, they're also good for selling to the merchant if you have enough of them.

Buy price: 5,000 pesetas

Sell price: 2,500 pesetas


  • Image of Leon's default equipment

    Leon's default equipment

    1 First Aid Spray - Inside your inventory when you start a new game.

  • Image of Chapter 1-2 onwards

    Chapter 1-2 onwards

    1 First Aid Spray - Available to purchase from the Merchant.

  • Image of Chapter 3-1

    Chapter 3-1

    1 First Aid Spray - Hall of water. On the right-hand balcony once you've lowered the bridge.

  • Image of Chapter 3-2

    Chapter 3-2

    1 First Aid Spray - Maze. In the north west dead-end of the maze.

  • Image of Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 4-1

    1 First Aid Spray - Processing plant. On the table in the room with the elevator.

  • Image of Chapter 4-4

    Chapter 4-4

    1 First Aid Spray - Tower. At the very top of the tower, next to the place where the Merchant has set up his shop.

    1 First Aid Spray - Spire. On the lower level in the place where you fight Salazar.

  • Image of Chapter 5-2

    Chapter 5-2

    1 First Aid Spray - Bulldozer area. In the area where you find the bulldozer.

  • Image of Chapter 5-3

    Chapter 5-3

    1 First Aid Spray - Sand fortress. Inside the room at the centre of fortress.