El Gigante (Resident Evil 4)

Image of El Gigante
El Gigante is a failed by-product of Los Illuminados' research. The rapid golem-like monster can barely distinguish friend from foe. The giant himself is invulnerable; you can only defeat him by killing the parasite on his back. You need to pelt El Gigante with shots until he holds his head in pain and drops to his knees, after which the parasite will emerge from its spine to defend the host. Attack the parasite before it disappears.


  • Image of Chapter 2-1

    Chapter 2-1

    Normal Mode
    1 El Gigante - Quarry. Gets freed by Ganados on your return journey after you have acquired the Round Insignia.
  • Image of Chapter 2-3

    Chapter 2-3

    Normal Mode
    1 El Gigante - Gorge. Jumps in front of you as you're making your way towards the exit.
  • Image of Chapter 4-2

    Chapter 4-2

    Normal Mode
    2 El Gigantes - Furnace. They both enter the room as you approach the exit.
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