Dr. Salvador (Resident Evil 4)

Image of Dr. Salvador
A much tougher variant of the normal Village Ganado, these hosts were not injected with an ordinary Plaga egg. Instead, their heads were made host to the parasite via the bloodstream, which is why they wear a sack over their heads.

This method of infection has made them stronger and more resilient, and with the chainsaw they wield they are capable of killing you instantly if you let them get close enough.


  • Image of Chapter 1-1

    Chapter 1-1

    Normal Mode
    1 Dr. Salvador - Pueblo. Appears when you enter the two-storey house in the centre of the village.
    1 Dr. Salvador - Pueblo. Guarding the north-east exit out of the village, but only if you have not yet entered the two-storey house in the middle of the village.
  • Image of Chapter 1-3

    Chapter 1-3

    Normal Mode
    1 Dr. Salvador - Mendez' house. Guarding the path leading back towards the village.
  • Image of Chapter 4-2

    Chapter 4-2

    Normal Mode
    1 Dr. Salvador - Mine. Appears when you've activated the switch to bring the mine cart down into the main chamber.
  • Image of Chapter 4-3

    Chapter 4-3

    Normal Mode
    2 Dr. Salvador's - Sand ruins. Inside the sandstone structure; one is upstairs the other is downstairs.
    1 Dr. Salvador - Sand mine. Jumps into one of the mine carts as it is running down the track.
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