Unfinished Activity Log (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Image of Unfinished Activity Log


1300. Infiltrated RC. Disturbances are sporadic.
Commencing mission.
1930. Observed five R.P.D. officers engaging a pack
20 strong. Officers annihilated in 20 min.

1200. Test run at university. Diverted pack
(incl. canines) to campus. 64% infection
and conversion in 2 hrs. No survivors.
2300. Successful rendezvous with MV Platoon.
Will make first attempt at dawn.

0430. Diverted pack toward command post. Result:
night skirmish in confined area with large
number of combatants (video attached).
0800. End of skirmish. Seven survivors.
1800. Unknown bioweapon deployed at Point D18.
Tracking it per orders. It appears to be on
the hunt.
2000. Got eyes on two S.T.A.R.S.: a male
(infected) and female. Bioweapon is pursuing
the female.

0000. Female JV has made contact with MV Platoon.
Bioweapon's appearance and behavior are
consistent with Project N. Investigating.
0400. Observed bioweapon wielding conventional
weapons. It seems to be strongly fixated on
terminating JV and knows the city layout.
Evidence it can be imprinted?
0700. Metamorphosis in the bioweapon triggered by
a hostile encounter with JV (video attached).
JV has been infected and is non-responsive.
Collected samples per orders.

0030. Over 17 hours have elapsed since JV's
exposure to virus. Conversion has been
slow, suggesting she may be resistant.
0400. Vaccine recovered and administered to JV
by CO, a soldier in MV Platoon.
JV expected to be fit for combat approx.
20 hrs post-exposure.
It seems clear the bioweapon is Project N.
Contact with JV causes it to change and
evolve. Will induce further encounters to
obtain more precise data.