Nurse's Journal: Sept. 29 (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Image of Nurse's Journal: Sept. 29
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We tried. I swear to God we did. But there's nothing else to be done. The chaos is completely beyond control. Victims are pouring in now, dying and spreading the infection faster than we can reach them.

So we've given up trying.
Those of us who aren't infected have barricaded ourselves in here. We can hear the cries for help outside. The screaming... But none of us will go out there, because it would be the end of us.

I can't believe we've abandoned our patients... It's the worst sin imaginable for a nurse.
I can't stop shaking. But I want to live.
I want to live.

9 p.m.

We heard a helicopter flying overhead and immediately started crying and hugging each other, thinking a rescue team was on the way.

But then the sound grew distant, and all we're left with now is the moaning of the dead and the silent screams in our hearts. We're all about to lose our minds.

Dr. Young, Ariana, Miranda, Dakota... I'm so sorry I failed you...

Something's coming

Help m