Email from Nathaniel Bard (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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To: Greg Tester

Greg, I know you're watching the news. This virus is going to devour the whole country. The dead will wash over Capitol Hill like a tidal wave. You're not safe. However, you've always been a good friend to me, so I'd like to offer you a way out.

I have in my possession ONE dose of a vaccine for the virus. The holy grail! And it's not for my family, not for my ladies on the side. No, Greg, I'm saving it for YOU. I know better than anyone that you're the future of the United States. But if you want the goods, Greg, you have got to get me the hell out of here NOW, without Umbrella finding out.

Lean on the Pentagon for me. I know you've got the clout. See if someone can get a rescue team in here without U.B.C.S. involvement. You scratch my back, I scratch yours—which should sound pretty chaste after the parties we've been to. Hurry. My time is running out.