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Chad's Notes (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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What happened to this place!? I've seen some strange shit over the past few days—those strange bugs building their nests, that metallic smell wafting through the vents... But, fuck, if it didn't all go straight to hell overnight!?

I need to check in on my ma uptown, but the boss says I can't leave till I drop all the breakers. Goddammit. Better finish up quick so I can get out of here.

Well fuck me.
My stomach hurts so much I can hardly move.

At the last breaker, a big ugly bastard of a bug got the drop on me and shoved a big fuckin' tube down my throat.

I managed to get away, and somehow kept from vomiting on the spot.

Fuck it hurts. Feels like something's moving inside. Holding it together. Can't believe I haven't puked.

Fuuuuck it hurts. Like I'm gonna tear apart.
I think this is it for me.
I love you, mama.


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