Vaccine Synthesis (Resident Evil 2)

Image of Vaccine Synthesis
The instructions on how to create the Vaccine for anyone infected with the G-Virus.



Any beings infected by the G-virus will reproduce through the impregnation of an embryo within another living being.
Unless rejected by the host, the embryo will undertake a process of gradual cellular invasion, infecting the host's cells on a molecular level as it rewrites their DNA.
Once the metamorphosis is complete, the host will be capable of continuing this cycle of self-replication. The duration of time for the process to run its course will vary from subject to subject. In the early stages of cellular invasion, it is possible to halt progression of the metamorphosis through the administration of the G-vaccine antigen.
The following procedure details its synthesis.

The vaccine creation requires the base vaccine. This can be arranged by the activator VAM. First set the empty cartridge to the VAM and activate it. After several moments the process will be complete and the white-colored base vaccine will be set in the cartridge automatically. Then confirm the green light is on, remove the cartridge and proceed to the next step.
Once the base vaccine has been prepared, set it in the vaccine synthesis machine located in the P-4 level experiment room. The machine is fully automated and only requires the user to push the sequence start switch. At this point, the program will run automatically and synthesis will be complete within approximately 10 seconds.

As the synthesis of DEVIL is an extremely delicate process, the quality will vary with slight shocks or changes in temperature. Careful handling is required for the proper results.