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Mail to Chris (Resident Evil 2)

Image of Mail to Chris
A fax to Chris Redfield concerning his investigation into the G-Virus experiments.



Mr. Chris Redfield
Raccoon City Police Dept.
S.T.A.R.S. division

As per your request, we have conducted our internal investigation and discovered the following information:

  1. Regarding the G-virus currently under development by Umbrella Inc.

    So far it is unconfirmed that the G-virus even exists. We're continuing with our investigation.

  2. Regarding Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

    Mr. Irons has allegedly received a large sum of funds in bribes from Umbrella Inc. over the last five years. He was apparently involved in the cover up of the mansion lab case along with several other incidents in which Umbrella appears to have direct involvement.
    Mr. Irons had been arrested under suspicion of rape on two separate counts during his years as a university student. He underwent psychiatric evaluation as a result of the charges but was released due to circumstantial evidence as well as his phenomenal academic standing.

    As such, extreme caution is advised when dealing with him.

Jack Hamilton,
Section Chief
Internal Investigations
United States Federal Police Department