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Stage 2 Maps (Resident Evil 2 - Extreme Battle)

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Vacant Factory 1F

Image of Turntable YardImage of Turntable Control Room
Image of Vacant Factory 1F

Vacant Factory B1

Image of Cable Car PlatformImage of Factory Tunnel 1Image of Factory Tunnel 2
Image of Vacant Factory B1

Sewer B2

Image of Sewer ExitImage of Electric Service TunnelImage of Sewer Passage 2Image of Sewer Passage 1Image of Water PoolImage of Service TunnelImage of Dumping AreaImage of Warehouse 1Image of 'T' CorridorImage of Warehouse 2Image of Floodgate
Image of Sewer B2

Sewer B1

Image of Upper WalkwayImage of Control Room 2Image of Sewer North PassageImage of Control Room 1Image of Sewer South Passage
Image of Sewer B1