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Stage 1 Maps (Resident Evil 2 - Extreme Battle)

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Laboratory B5

Image of Computer RoomImage of Lab Entry CorridorImage of P-4 LaboratoryImage of Monitor RoomImage of Central CorridorImage of Level 5 Walkway
Image of Laboratory B5

Laboratory B4

Image of Security RoomImage of ElevatorImage of Elevator AreaImage of Main ShaftImage of West AreaImage of Sleeping Quarters AImage of Sleeping Quarters BImage of Level 4 WalkwayImage of East AreaImage of Culture Experiment RoomImage of Active Treatment Experimentation RoomImage of Cold Room
Image of Laboratory B4

Laboratory B3

Image of Smelting Room
Image of Laboratory B3

Laboratory B2

Image of Steam Room
Image of Laboratory B2

Laboratory B1

Image of ElevatorImage of Elevator CorridorImage of Steam RoomImage of Power Room
Image of Laboratory B1