Medicinal Benefits of Herbs (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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Humans have used herbs to treat sickness and disease since the dawn of time. In this book, we will explore three such herbs native to the Arklay Mountains.

Green herbs have the ability to heal basic injuries, while blue herbs have long been used to treat poisoning.

As for red herbs, while they are visually appealing, they offer no medicinal benefits. Or so it was thought until recently.

It's well-known that combining herbs together produces blends that heighten the herbs' effects, but it has been discovered that red herbs can play a big role when mixed properly.

According to one doctor of Asian medicine, mixing blue and red herbs together produces a blend that will strengthen one's constitution.

Truly, we have only just begun to realize the full potential of these herbs and their ability to heal the human body. Further research is sure to yield more fascinating results.