Letter from the Director (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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Regarding the incident in question, I'm glad to report that it has all been taken care of.

On Feb. 19, Test Subject 628 escaped from the lab and broke into our facility. 628 was originally from this facility's candidate pool, and apparently returned in the hope of seeking "help." 628 was quickly detained by our staff.

As 628 was undergoing one of the lab's clinical trials, there was the distinct possibility that he had brought the virus with him, so we disposed of all of our test subject candidates as a precaution. Their speedy disposal was conducted by the security team, to whom I'd like to extend my thanks.

As for our neighbors, we told them that due to the building's dilapidated state, we have temporarily moved all of the children to a different orphanage for their safety.

As to the future of this facility, once it has been fully decontaminated, I plan to resume securing more test candidates.