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Letter from Best Friend (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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Dear Claire,
First of all, thanks for the letter. Now, if you'll let me get this one thing off my chest:

I can't believe you're really gonna do it! I can't believe you're biking all the way to Raccoon City all by yourself! Just to see your brother!? What the hell!?

I know Chris means a lot to you, and yeah, you haven't been able to reach him for a month and all, but you're nuts.

You know how many perverts and assholes are out there, just waiting for a hot, young college student to come along and take advantage of? It's not safe to travel alone.

But your mind's made up, isn't it? Fine, I get it. Just promise you'll call when you get to Raccoon City. Don't leave your bestest best friend hanging, OK!?

Love ya!

P.S.: Your brother may be THE Chris Redfield, and he may have taught you how to fight and use a gun like a banshee, but that doesn't make you INVINCIBLE, so don't get cocky out there.