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Plant 42 Report (Resident Evil)

Image of Plant 42 Report
A report giving details about experimenting the T-Virus with plants. One plant in particular showed a unique result when exposed to the T-Virus, and was nicknamed Plant 42 due to the experiment being conducted at a location known as Point 42.



4 days have passed since the accident and the plant at Point 42 is growing amazingly fast.

It has been effected by the T-Virus differently than other plants have been and shows unique shape in addition to its size. Looking at the way it behaves, it is now difficult to determine what kind of plant it was originally.

There are two ways in which Plant 42 gathers nutrition.

The first is through its root that reaches into the basement.
Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and broke the water tank in the basement. Now the basement is filled with water.
It is easily imaginable that some chemical elements were blended in the water and promotes the incredibly fast growth of Plant 42.

Another part of Plant 42 from the basement grows through the duct and hangs down like so many bulbs from the ceiling of the first floor. Many vines come out of those bulbs and they are the second resource for its nutrition.
Once sensing movement, Plant 42 shoots its vines around the prey and holds it. Then it starts sucking up blood, using the suckers located at the back of its vine.

It also has some intelligence.
It blocks the door by twining its vines around it especially when it captures prey or is sleeping. Several staff members have already fallen victim to this.

May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton