Plant 42 (Resident Evil)

Image of Plant 42
This huge monstrous bulb is the product of the researchers in the Guardhouse Residence experimenting with the T-Virus on plants. The result of which is a carnivorous plant that feeds on the blood of its victims. It is said that this plant grew this large by feeding off the contaminated water from the broken water tank in the basement. These exposed roots also hold the key to defeating it, as by concocting the V-JOLT compound you are able to administer this to the plant via its roots, severely weakening it and making the battle against it a little easier. If you're playing as Jill then the Bazooka with the Flame Rounds are the preferred choice of weapon. If you're playing as Chris you only have the Shotgun, but if you used the V-JOLT then it will be enough to defeat it.
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