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Web Spinner (Resident Evil)

Image of Web Spinner
An enormous spider created by experimenting with the T-Virus on arachnids. These venomous eight-legged monsters can surprise you when they suddenly land in front of you with their ability to walk on walls and ceilings, but their presence within a room can be known to you if you listen out for their low-bass thumping noise as the scurry around. Using the Shotgun or the Bazooka are good choice when it comes to disposing of these. Be careful though, as once dead there's a chance their bodies will erupt into a collection of Small Spiders.
Other appearances


Game modeSum total
Jill (Arranged/Advanced)6
Jill (Deadly Silence Rebirth)7
Chris (Arranged/Advanced)6
Chris (Deadly Silence Rebirth)8