Tyrant (Resident Evil)

Image of Tyrant
The world's most powerful biological weapon. The Tyrant has the build of a large man, with a cluster of claws on its left forearm instead of a hand. Its heart is located outside its body on its chest, however this still doesn't make it vulnerable for attack or weakness.

Dealing with the Tyrant the first time round is fairly easy, all he will do is follow you around the Laboratory in a casual manner. Use the Colt Python or the Bazooka for this battle. If you get within a certain distance, he will start swiping his claw at you, which can hurt a lot.

The second battle takes place on the Heliport, and there's no need to fire at him. Keep avoiding him until the countdown timer reaches a dangerously low level, and Brad will drop something to help you defeat Tyrant.
Code nameT-002
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