Rifle M1891/30 (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Single-shot sniper rifle. Not the quickest weapon, but great for picking off enemies at a distance.

Image of Rifle M1891/30
This weapon is available for use by Barry. It uses Rifle Ammo.

This long range weapon is ideal for picking off enemies before they have a chance to see you. It has great firepower, but its limitation comes from the fact that it can only be loaded with one round at a time.
Firing rate0.60
Part slots3


  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Forest Ruins. On a table inside the dilapidated building up the hill from the locked gate. You need to use the metal crate to access the ladder from the adjacent ruined building in order to get inside.

  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Landfill. On the shelves opposite the windows inside the lookout building you reach after navigating the large crane.