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The Old Man's Journal (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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The Old Man's Journal


I need practice my English, so I write in this journal on every day. Every day I write but have no words. Now I have good reason.
Today I welcome first child to the world. Her mother give her the name Irina. It was my grandmother's name. I object, but I cannot win against stubborn woman.

She has eyes and nose of her father. But mouth of her mother. We will raise her to be healthy, strong girl.

This year island is have good spirits again. Mining business goes well. My life is pretty good for me now. I want to give Irina same feeling when she is older. It's my responsibility now, as parent.


Irina already six years old. How flies time.
She loves to imitate her mother. Her mother hates it. Probably because imitation is perfect. Little kroshka is very smart. She likes math. Her grandmother liked math too.

Irina's smile helps to take mind off worries. The mines have become dangerous, and now they make no money. Island condition is worster and worster.

I might have lose job too. But this is no time for a worry. This island is our home. I want to give it to little kroshka in good condition. It's my responsibility now, as parent.


Irina now 12 years old. Already rebellious. More like mother everyday. I don't understand women. Now I am embarrass to her. Until she needs money or a request.

Speaking of women and money, a woman comes to our island. She promises to bring back industry. I have job now, to help build new facility in the mine. I thought mine was finish, but she has a use for it.

She is loved by all. They call her savior, our benefactor. My mother always said never trust people with money. The poor worker is more reliable than rich capitalist. Is good advice. But the rich woman is helping us.


It is Irina's 20 years birthday. I should be celebrating. But I'm worried. Next week she will go work in mines. I was against it, but kroshka will not listen to me. Has not listened for years. Why start now?

Irina is stubborn. Just like her father, she used to always say. I guess she was right. Has it already been a year since you left us, my darling...

I don't trust the people in the facility. There's something wrong about them. But everyone else thinks me stubborn, old man. Maybe now Irina too. But I know I'm right. I just hope Irina will realize this too soon.


I have not seen Irina in almost one year.

Something bad is happening to our home. People become sick. More things I cannot explain. I know is all because of that woman. She smells of evil.

This was to become Irina's home. But too late now. I leave this town. Everything. But island is my home. I will not leave. No place to go. So I go to sewers. Things will get worse, I know it. safe. I will find you. I promise, kroshka. You are all your father have left.


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