Neil's Candidate List (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Neil's Candidate List


I've put together the list of Terra Save members who are most suited for this round of trials. They all have had experience dealing with bioterror and viruses. Their psych evals came out with flying colors. They faced some unspeakable horrors and came out in one piece, indicating a strong resistance to emotional trauma.

No. 06 hasn't been directly involved in any bioterror incidents, but her test results were promising so I included her as well.

All things considered I think this is a pretty strong list of candidates. I'm sure you'd agree.

It's all in your hands now. I'll be out there as backup in case you need anything.

01. Fisher, Neil
02. Redfield, Claire
03. Chavez, Gabriel
04. Foley, Gina
05. (Crossed out)
06. Burton, Moira
07. Fernandez, Pedro
08. (Crossed out)
09. Korda, Natalia
10. (Crossed out)
11. Thompson, Edward


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