Handgun SG (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

An easy-to-use, reliable handgun. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds.

Image of Handgun SG
A special automatic pistol issued to Umbrella research facility employees. It fires 9mm parabellum rounds.

Its ammunition is Handgun Rounds and it is also compatible with the Handgun SG Magazine.


There are no locations to show.
There are no locations to show.
  • Image of Cabin - Forest 1

    Cabin - Forest 1

    If you wait in the forest long enough for the suspension bridge to collapse, upon returning here you will find a woman called Regan looking for her daughter. Once you have received the Pendant from her and found her daughter in the river bank area, return here and you will be rewarded with this item.

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  • Image of Room 201 - Hospital 2F

    Room 201 - Hospital 2F

    Underneath the bed in the south west corner of the room.

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  • Image of Administrator's office - Hospital 2F

    Administrator's office - Hospital 2F

    On the ground in the passage behind the movable bookcase. You need to push the switch on the wall next to the bookcase in the main room to reveal the passageway. In order to be able to press the switch you need to use the Rusty Key on it.

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