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End of the Road Maps (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

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Umbrella research facility

Image of Laser emission roomImage of Central passage 3Image of Central passage 2Image of Central passage 4Image of StairwellImage of Observation mezzanineImage of Experimentation chamberImage of Central passage 1Image of West passageImage of Examination roomImage of Waiting roomImage of MainframeImage of Reference roomImage of East passage 1Image of Special research roomImage of East passage 2Image of Passage in front of elevatorImage of East passage 3Image of NurseryImage of East exit
Image of Umbrella research facility

Water treatment plant - Basement 1F

Image of Maintenance passage 2Image of Break roomImage of Maintenance passage 1Image of Floodgate control roomImage of North waterwayImage of Underground waterworksImage of Maintenance roomImage of Drainage areaImage of Old waterway
Image of Water treatment plant - Basement 1F

Water treatment plant - Basement 2F

Image of Emergency materials storageImage of Maintenance passage 3
Image of Water treatment plant - Basement 2F

Urban area downtown

Image of Under the highway overpassImage of Office building 1FImage of Construction siteImage of In front of Apple InnImage of Apple Inn front lobbyImage of Office building warehouseImage of Behind the residential areaImage of FootbridgeImage of Main street NorthImage of Inside the helicopterImage of Main street SouthImage of Tunnel
Image of Urban area downtown

Urban area highway

Image of Elevated highwayImage of RooftopImage of Office building stairwell
Image of Urban area highway