Rusty Key (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Rusty Key

Probably a key for a door in the hospital. It's covered in rust.

A small rusted key with a black tag attached.

This key used within the "Flashback" scenario. When playing in Hard and Very Hard modes, the switch on the wall inside the administrator's office is shielded with a plastic cover. You need to use this key to remove the cover so you can access the switch in order to reveal the hidden passageway leading to the auxiliary building 3F.
CategoryKey item (Flashback)


  • Image of Room 202 - Hospital 2F

    Room 202 - Hospital 2F

    On the bed in the north west corner of the room.
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  • Image of Main building 2F hall - Hospital 2F

    Main building 2F hall - Hospital 2F

    Very Hard
    In the corner in the area with the elevator in the north east area of the hall. You need to use the Lighter to acquire it.
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