Parade BGM Tape (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

A cassette tape of parade music.

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Image of Parade BGM Tape
A tape containing the music that was used during the elephant parades.

This tape is used within the "Wild Things" scenario. It is used to lure the zombie elephant Titan into the Elephant Stage of the zoo, allowing you to close the gates and trap it for a short time.

If you encounter Titan during your escape at the front gate, you can use this tape on the carts on either end of the area to distract it.


  • Image of Elephant Stage - Raccoon City Zoo

    Elephant Stage - Raccoon City Zoo

    Inside the upper control room overlooking the stage. Provided the tape player in this room has the Parade BGM Tape loaded into it, you can use the Blank Tape to make a copy.

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  • Image of Stage - Raccoon City Zoo

    Stage - Raccoon City Zoo

    On top of the recording equipment near the ladder inside the upper control room.

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