Researcher's journal (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Researcher's journal
This file is available during the "End of the Road" scenario.


"Researcher's journal"

September 2
The cultivation tanks have been breaking frequently this month during experiments. Yesterday, a co-worker needed 30 stitches as a result. Something must be done.

September 8
A titanium frame has been installed to reinforce the cultivation tanks. In the unlikely event of another breakage, the doors are set to lock automatically to isolate the threat. Once the lock is set, it will only open when the sensors indicate that the life form in question is dead. This ensures that any dangerous life forms are contained within that room with no chance of escape. There are two ways to open the lock. If the life form sensor is not deactivated, the door will remain locked until the creature dies. Short of an unlikely suicide, this method is unreliable.

September 16
We've recently taken on a new subject: the Hunter Mu, a smaller version of the regular Hunter. A number will be in our care for two weeks starting today. The computer system has issued warnings that the power level is insufficient for proper containment. We've prepared a store of weapons for emergencies. I certainly hope they go unused.