Experiment participants (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

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This file is available during the "End of the Road" scenario.
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"Experiment participants"

T-vi*us Pati*nt List
M*y 14th, 1*96

Th* follow*ng pat*e*ts a*e slated to participat* in the vir*s testing *rog*am pending c*rtain conditi**s.

Bria* Reyno**s
Nath*n Crabb*
*ichael Sip**k
Mar**re Lyo**
Erik S*raw ***
****      **
De**tra *roo*s
Yok* Suzuki
J**on Ru*dy
Reta Erhar*
Way*e Cris*ip
****      **
R*ch*rd Folk
Kris*ie Derring**
*alph Speck
****  **  ** ***
***    ***    ***