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Bizarre case file (Resident Evil Outbreak File #2)

Image of Bizarre case file
This file is available during the "Desperate Times" scenario.
CategoryFile (Desperate Times)


"Bizarre case file"

Case 1
Arklay Mountains western area
A family of three (mother, father and child) found slaughtered by an unknown assailant or assailants. Their bodies were covered with what appear to be human bite marks, and their internal organs had been harvested.

Case 2
Mendez River dock area
The body of a 39 year old man found on the riverbank with portions of his flesh eaten away. Closer examination revealed that he was surrounded by carcasses of wild birds and hares. Eyewitnesses point to a suspicious character in blood covered clothes nearby.

Case 3
Arklay Mountains Lindlay household
The bodies of a slain elderly couple were found covered in blood with their necks bitten into. Scraps of what appear to be meat were found in large quantities in both of their digestive systems. It is unknown if a third party was involved.