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Research Report #220329 (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)

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Research Report #220329

This special "Elite" version has been modified for presentation.
It is faster and more powerful than a standard Hunter.

This sample was created with a newly developed virus.

It attacks objects with its huge arms.

While its agility and striking power are outstanding, it currently has a fatal flaw because an essential organ is exposed. However, this will be rectified in future models.



We have succeeded in fusing the "t-virus" and the "G-virus" so that it has electrical properties.

However, after observing the prototype known as [T-091], we have to concede that there is much room for improvement.

In this newest version (ver.0.9.2), we have finally been able to achieve a high voltage current, which was our initial goal. Its electromagnetic barrier should make it near invulnerable.

Now we require a human test subject that matches the conditions to experiment on and observe.


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    Presentation Room - Spencer Rain B1

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