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Regular Report No.1162 (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)

Image of Regular Report No.1162


Regular Report No.1162

TO: HQ Int'l Investigation Dept.
ATTN: O'Neal

This will be my final report on Morpheus for a while since it appears that he is starting to suspect something.

Until further notice from me, please refrain from contacting me, so that I can devote myself to doing my "Regular" job as his aid.

After robbing the lab in Paris, Morpheus appears to be preparing to board "The cruiser" to auction the items.

His obsession with "The beauty" keeps escalating. And just recently he has undergone plastic surgery to retain his youthful looks.

He often says questionable phrases like,

"I will eliminate the ugly things in the world and create my kingdom filled with beauty".

We need to take action against him before it becomes too late, since he's currently in negotiations with several countries including the United States.



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