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Biological Report 2 (Resident Evil: Dead Aim)

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Biological Report 2

This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.W.s which have been considered failures and have been disposed of in this facility.

May 18th

Today I will relocate the observation area to be underground. This area is low on power and so most areas are very dark.

I assume creatures fond of dark places must inhabit this area.

May 19th

We saw red shining objects.
They look like the eyes of some creature but we have not confirmed the entity yet. It moves extremely quickly and runs away as soon as we approach.

I named this creature "Glimmer", for its glimmering eyes.

May 20th

In order to collect samples, I had some workers go and try to capture a "Glimmer". However, the plan did not work out and instead, the target attacked them and two people are now dead.

May 22nd

I increased the number of workers in order to try and capture a "Glimmer". This time they succeeded in shooting down one of them.
According to workers, the "Glimmer" will open itself up just before it goes to attack.
Although it is dead, I have gained valuable samples.

June 1st

I have been examining the collected samples but I don't have any idea as to how the "Glimmer" evolved and transformed into this figure.
It seems it is a subspecies of "Hunter". I, however, need to research this further...


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