Confession Letter (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

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A letter written by Alfred Ashford, revealing his feelings towards his sister Alexia.



Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is everything to me. I would overcome any obstacle and be willing to risk my life for her. For Alexia, I must revive the glorious Ashford Family which fell during the era of my father, Alexander.

Together, we will restore our family name. Once that has been achieved, I'll build a palace where only nobles may gather. I cannot allow the unwashed to see my dear Alexia, to whom my life is devoted to. She reigns the world as queen, with I as her servant.

That is my dream, and how sweet it will be. Those accomplishments will be proof of my love toward Alexia.
It is the purpose of my existence.

All other people are meaningless, and they shall prostrate themselves before Alexia and I.

Devoted to my beloved Alexia,
Alfred Ashford


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