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Grenade Launcher (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Grenade Launcher
This powerful weapon launches one of three types of grenades that explode on impact, each causing a unique effect.

Ammunition for this weapon is scarce, but its tremendous power makes it invaluable in many situations. It can be loaded with the following types of grenade:
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)


CharactersChris, Piers
Alternate FireAcid Grenades, Freezing Grenades
Shots Per Clip6
Power (Explosive)1,000 + 500 Explosion
Power (Acid)250 + 200 Explosion
Power (Nitrogen)300 + 0 Explosion
Reload SpeedC
Firing SpeedA


  • Image of Chris - Chapter 3

    Chris - Chapter 3

    Poisawan Courtyard. In a side room you approach just before being attacked by the helicopter. After the attack cut-scene you will have to backtrack slightly in order to retrieve it. Only appears here if you do not already have this weapon in your possession.
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