Simmons Family Crest Piece A (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Simmons Family Crest Piece A
Part of what appears to be an crest depicting an ornate emblem.

This is one of three pieces that need to be inserted into the door in the Forest Cemetery in Ada's Chapter 1. You need to place this piece, along with Piece B and Piece C into the round hollow on the door to unlock it.

Inserting this first piece will also automatically open a side door in the cemetery, granting you access to the puzzle area where you can acquire the remaining two.
CategoryItem (Object, tool or key)


  • Image of Ada - Chapter 2

    Ada - Chapter 2

    Cemetery Underground Tunnels. Shortly after the entering the underground tunnels you will come across a chest locked with a gold padlock. Shoot off the padlock and you will find the crest inside.
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